Is that a shed I see before me?

Said in a John Wayne voice, bastardising a line from MacBeth (ala Dead Poet’s Society).  Too much of a stretch?  That is what it sounded like in my head!

Not quite there, but so, so very close.  Not for delivery – not a chance – at best I would say it is still 6 – 8 weeks away (still a few hurdles to cross, such as council permits, block clearing, slab pour (although that is the start of installation as far as I’m concerned!))  However, I am hoping (and becoming more confident) that it will be firmed up within 48 hours – locked in, and able to stand back, breathe a sigh of relief, and start seriously prepping for what has been a figment of my imagination for just a bit too long.

invisished(not my block obviously – if it was, things would be a bit different!)


2 Responses

  1. It must be so frustrating for you Stu. Fingers crossed I hope it starts soon,.

  2. Pouring the slab first is a bit different to the way we do it in WA, we build the shed first and use the wall sheeting as the formwork for the concrete floor. Gives a good seal that way

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