First Cut

This was a first go with the CNC Shark Pro. I must admit I didn’t watch any instructional videos or read instructions- I tend to jump in and work things out for myself!

Once I have a bit of a concept about how it works, then the instructions make so much more sense (if needed 😉 ).


This was a simple text file made in VCarve, without any defaults changed. It is a bit rough, partly the program, partly the timber, but it was certainly exciting to watch never-the-less!

2 Responses

  1. A wonderful distraction from shed build Stu! (hang in there fella)

    Any more ideas regarding whirly birds? I want one with better than a (long)stick in it to stop its rotation?

  2. And your site visitor map is great too. Demographically, politically, topographically .etc. an interesting survey base… brilliant.

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