Getting the vibe

Found an American Barn at one of the shed companies, and had a wander around visualising what it might be like to have one of my own.  As you’ll see from the photos, I was particularly interested in the mezzanine floor, and the roller door.  But what I was really seeing was space.  Drool.

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One thing I got out of the walk-around, was the concept that I can drop the height of the mezzanine down – this will make the upper area a lot more useable, and can be more than just a bit of a storage area.  Being an additional 22 m2, that is a big deal, and worth sacrificing some working height on the lower level for the overall gain.  Still, having a height to the mezzanine of 2700 (say) still gives a working height on the mezzanine of 2300 or so.

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  1. I really love these barn styled sheds. They really are just so cool, inside and out. Thanks for sharing the slideshow with us!

  2. I was considering raising the roof of my shed to include a mezzanine floor but when dealing with access found I would have to install a stairway to enable me to carry anything up there, this would reduce my lower level space by about 3m2 (cupboards under stairs are virtually useless). To utilise the mezzanine area properly I would have had to install shelving and providing access around these shelves would reduce the available area by about 40%. I have a 8m x 7m x 3m high shed and decided to install a 600mm wide shelf suspended 600mm below eave height around all 4 walls. This will convert unused space into 18m2 of fully usable space, I will be able to fit 60 x 50l plastic bins within easy reach, this is an enormous amount of storage and with the contents labelled on each one finding what I have stored will be easy. I also changed the roller door to a 1200mm double door to give more wall space as all my equipment can fit thro it except for the panel saw but this only requires the removal of the wing. Not sure if this will help or hinder 🙂

    • Everything helps, ideas are always useful to consider whether finally adopted or not.

      With respect to the access to the mezzanine, I have some attic stairs (the ones that fold up and away). That is what I am planning on using in this case, as they take up no footprint of the shed floor when not in use (you just need to keep an area clear, which can be the infeed area for one of the machines anyway).

      The shelf to increase usable storage is a good idea – we all know that storage, or rather the lack thereof is the biggest frustration in a shed – if things are not stored correctly and neatly (relatively!), they are hard to impossible to find when you need them, and they quickly spread, consuming functional space.

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