Matthew very kindly followed up his suggestion of using Sketchup to model the shed, allowing a 3D walkthough, by spending some time doing an initial model of the shed

So awesome!  The machines are not placed for a specific layout, but more of a demonstration of what is possible.

The first shot is a general view, panning around the outside.  The second and third are ones I took during an actual walkthrough of the space.

sku sku3sku2

Made me a bit nervous – is there enough room?!

Of course, no matter what, there is significantly more room than I had.

The Shed zipfile

So thanks Matthew – it is a very cool tool!

If anyone has some alternate layouts they think will work (perhaps using this awesome vehicle Matthew has provided), I would be really interested to see.

9 Responses

  1. Hi Stu

    The link works but the zip file when it comes to open has zip in it, (it is empty).

    Cheers dave Wingrove

    Wilmington S.A.

    • Rather curious! I just tried it then and it worked – got a shed.skp file (which is the Sketchup file)
      I can email the file to you if you still have problems with it.

  2. Hi Stu,tried to comment on this subject a couple of days ago but the I pad is so touchy it just sent my comments off without warning buggar.
    I would suggest that your PA doors be at least 870& open out ,this shall allow more room & provide wheel chair access rather than have to open the roller door on a cold windy evening.
    Any ideas on where I can source retro fit blocks to accommodate a1/8 blade in my bandsaw? It’s a big saw & I shan’t be able to use the existing bearings ( which are on a shaft about 12 mm dia) .

    • Not particularly easy to track down! Carrolls Woodcraft were selling an upgrade kit at the last wood show – can’t remember the details, but the sort of performance enhancement they were promoting could only really be achieved with rub-blocks (such as Cool Blocks).

      Worth getting in contact with them to see what is available.

  3. Hi . No skylights included for obvious reasons in this demo which is great.

    Foill bubble insulation stuff costs very approx 8% of shed cost to cover ALL walls/roofs. Where the insulation is broken for clear sheets on the roof, to gain light, may create light and hence create condensation?

    Whilry bird gid definately

    • The issue of condensation is bothering me- there are laserlights specified if you see the earlier design, so how much of a difference that makes would be interesting to determine.
      Insulation will be for roof and walls, and I am likely to boost it up further as funds permit – avoiding condensation is one thing, but I am looking for better thermal controls, and hopefully some sound deadening to boot.

  4. The roof seems very high, you could almost add a loft in. Good work, can’t wait till it becomes a reality.

    • There is an 11m2 mezzanine proposed covering half the highest section. I wanted it to cover the whole area, but apparently it isn’t possible due to the roller door. I’ll see how I actually use the space once it is in place – I am sure there are always ways!

  5. I would be tempted to draw along with each piece of equipment the footprint that is required for it in operation. If simultaneous operation is not required to an adjacent piece of equipment these spaces can overlap to some degree.

    The other spaces that you wont want to forget about are the space for the drop down ladder to drop down on to and space beneath the trap doors/ winch to the mezzanine.

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