Total Sale

Headed along to the “Insider” evening at Total Tools in Carrum Downs. Thought it’d be like so many other ‘sales’ we go to, but I was wrong, surprisingly wrong.

As I was approaching (and still 1/2 a km away), I could start to see a significant buildup of parked tradie-type vehicles. Utes, Utes with trade trailers (the locking variety), 4x4s, but not the Toorak Tractor variety but real workhorses. Lots of vehicles with materials of their trade on the roof etc. The side street outside was lined on both sides of the narrow one way with these, for almost a km.

This was an ‘exclusive’ evening, by invite only (although there were obviously lots of invites). I even got a phone call to see if I was coming.


At the entrance, there was a red carpet, and the reception, with a Karcher demo area and Milwaukee pergola.

Inside was just as amazing. All the usual, with shelves stacked even more than normal, and sales tables packed with goods.

But the real surprise were the crowds. Hundreds of people, almost exclusively tradies, all very animated, and keen to buy. There was hardly a person without something they had picked up to purchase. Standing around, chatting with their contemporaries, or the various staff and demonstrators. Even Festool had a manned display in dispersed among the aisles.


At the back of the store was a spit roast company serving rolls filled with roast pork or beef, gravy and coleslaw. Beer and soft drink, and all free.


That was a sale, and yeah, I was impressed. If other sales (or even the wood show) had such a crowd, all enthusiastically buying (and not watered down 90% with tyre kicking), the industry would be in a very good shape indeed.

Forgot to mention the give-aways. Over $3k worth of door prizes as a raffle. An iPad, nail gun, socket set, football tickets to name a few.

A couple of roast pork rolls were harmed in researching this article.

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4 Responses

  1. I am off to the braeside store this afternoon to their tradies night, pork rolls here I come

    • This is the major reasons why the power tool companies dont attend the wood shows.
      They get a quicker and cheaper response to their sales.
      All total tools, united tools, all tools do this and find it easier than moving their whole shop to an expensive venue, plus they also seel the accessories that they dont have room for at the big shows, and they are the $ makers.

  2. Stu…Only a couple of Pork Rolls?

    • Just a snack 😉

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