Locating the shed on the block

shed2This is an attempt to locate the shed on the block to scale.  Not quite sure if I managed it – think it might be a little larger than as seen here, but it is close enough.

The design leaves the two dead areas (in red), although I definitely plan to use the triangular section for the dust extractor and air compressor, and some timber storage.  The other is less critical – possibly just drop a garden shed on it.  The right side of the shed has the 2 metre easement.  May be restrictive in some ways, but I will be able to use it in one way or another.

3 Responses

  1. Hey m8,
    been reading your posts about the shed plans and the fact you have to allow for the 2m easement.
    The next door neighbor recently build a shed of similar size to to the one your planning.
    There was an easement running along the back and down the side of his property and be put the slab right over the top.
    Upon checking hte Frankston Coucil website I found that under certain conditions and with approval you can put a slab over the top of an easement. Might be worth checking into.

  2. I installed my dust extractor into a little shed over the easement, as it can easily be relocated in the unlikely situation they need to dig there.

    Also in geelong garden sheds under a certain size can be built without a permit over the easement, with a slab, so you might be able to make use of the easement with a small garden shed or several of them for your timber storage. In the event they need access you might just have to take down that garden shed, which would be a pain but not impossible or overly expensive.

    Easier than leaving it to waste.

    • I have a definite plan how to use some of the area- for timber storage rather than machinery, but utilised nevertheless.

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