Downcast (not me though!)

A few years ago there was a new website that was starting up, called Howcast.  They had short videos like “how to dance like a stripper”, “how to cook scrambled eggs” etc etc.  They were looking to get some more (legitimate?) content, so amongst others (I’m sure), they contacted me on a number of occasions asking to allow them to cross-post my videos on their site.

I finally relented, and they set up an automatic method for videos I produced to also be transferred across to a “Stu’s Shed” channel on their site.

You may remember my link on the right. howcast1

Seems that they have gotten where they want in the market, and so, without a word of acknowledgement or thanks, have dropped those who they originally approached to assist with their startup.


No skin off my nose, just think there are better ways to do business.

3 Responses

  1. I did 10 or so paid videos for howcast and am on their mailing list. They sent me an email last year about taking all “non-Howcast produced” content off of their site. I did not understand what they meant, as i had just been concerned with creating content and was not a user of the site. I guess that they were removing all videos without their branding. It seems that they wanted your followers, your good name and your videos to increase their overall content amount and when they had enough of their own stuff, they don’t want to give Stu’s Shed any of their visibility.

    I found that they were not very equitable in the distribution of topics or scripts and at the rates that they paid the video maker, some of the topics would cost more to make than you could receive in pay. The level of DIY understanding was very low at the headquarters- which is in NYC. The people that i talked to were big on branding and SEO marketing and not very savvy about craftsmanship. i think “how to dance like a stripper” is a good indication of the mindset of the management over there. I tried to tell them that a script about wooden beds that called for over $300 of wood and created a heavy, un-movable monster bed was not just impractical to film, it would be foolish for a viewer to even attempt. They brushed me off and sent me some boilerplate marketing material.

    I would definitely prefer to send a newbie to Stu’s Shed instead of Howcast.

    • Thanks for the insight, and I appreciate the support!

      To be clear, they didn’t pay me a cent for the 130 videos of mine they republished on their site.

      I did get the same email, but when I checked with them, they assured me that my channel was not included. Guess they decided to take it down quietly a while later.

      • Wow, I think that 130 videos given for free should be worth an apology! Or at least an explanation!

        Around 2009 when i first heard of them, they did not seem to have a large number of videos and your content really would have made them look bigger and more accomplished.

        I greatly enjoyed making HOWCAST videos and would have loved to have been able to continue, but the requirement to constantly submit new videos while using only the scripts that they provided turned out to be a deal breaker for me.

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