Nostalgic moment- a return to where it all began

I was in Supercheap Auto yesterday, having a look around during their 20% off sale, and experienced quite a déjà vu moment. There was a lathe that looked surprisingly like mine. It may be Rockwell rather than GMC, and not the old GMC blue, but other than that it was very familiar.


This is where the collection and workshop began….with a basic lathe. The lathe needed a workbench, which was made from sleepers scavenged from around the property, and I needed a saw to cut them down. Bought the Triton circular saw, and the rest is history.

Back to the lathe, and a set of chisels is also in Supercheap.


At that price, they are Supercheap, and no doubt super crap, but no matter.

If you are thinking of getting into turning though, consider the Nova Comet II. May be 2-3 times the price, but you are getting 10x the lathe!

3 Responses

  1. A good lathe to start with is a carb- a- tec mini lathe has lots of features that the larger models have and for under $300 you can’t go wrong.

    • For the price, I’d go that way too. This wasn’t a “what to get” post, only a look back at the start of it all. Of course, my final comment was, and fair enough the Carbatec deserves a mention. There is also the Pop’s Shed lathe (rebranded Chinese model) with variable speed.

      Always hard – spend money on quality vs not being able to afford the quality you want.

  2. I recently bought a Delta Midi (LA200) off Craigs list with three sets of chisel for $200. Look around there are plenty of “Quality” lathes on there. I grew up with a Atlas Metal lathe in dads shop so I was very familiar with how to use it. One day I got the itch that I wanted to make Duck Calls and the rest was history.
    I agree with Stuart, spend the money on a quality lathe, you won’t be sorry.

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