Space, the final frontier

I have been busy tonight, trying to maximise the amount of floorspace available in the garage (which already contains many boxes of tools, a dust extractor, 2 lathes, bandsaw, a large stack of timber, and boxes of household goods) in an attempt to be ready for a big day tomorrow.

Tomorrow (yes, even though it is a holiday!) a truck will turn up at my old place, with 3 removalists and one clear goal. Empty the workshop. (This is not to say I didn’t appreciate the offers, but this way I can save my back, and have a hope of moving everything in a day).

Depending on time, it may only be emptied of the big machines, or I may find they have time to move more- will play it by ear. In the garage, I have managed to create a hole that is 3500×3500. Will it be enough?

I have made a rough sketch on paper, drawing the footprint of each machine, and it


to work. Just.

Guess there is no way I will fit a 3x3m shed like the one I first started in, with a Triton Workcentre, Router Table, SuperJaws and GMC lathe!

Still no new shed on the horizon. Going to be a long journey.

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  1. Stuart over the years you have given so much. There must be some one out there that can help you with the plans for the shed. I did mine and had them certified by an engineer $350.00


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