I am finally back, cooking with gas

Gas hasn’t been the problem however.  Nor electricity, water, phone, Foxtel.

The only industry that cannot sort its cr@p out for when someone moves house is the ISPs (internet providers).  For an industry at the forefront of technology, their service sucks big-time.  Sure, they say the right things nicely when you ring them, but with that sugar on top answer “It’ll be 6-10 days for your internet to be connected”

Why???!!  Oh, and it didn’t take the maximum 10 days promised.  It took 14.  14 days for a straight-forward setup.  Hate to see how long it’d take to do a complicated one.

Foxtel managed not only to be up and running within 24 hours of moving in, but that included a physical satellite receiver install, and cables run through the house.

All the other services also happened seamlessly, without interruption.  But not the internet.

I was with Commander (once they bought out People Telecom) and moved to iPrimus (which uses Commander as their actual internet provider), so there is no issue there.  And the house was connected to ADSL2 to the only exchange in the area before the previous occupants left, so I wanted to use exactly the same wires, and connections, so no problem there either.

I can only put it down to one thing.  Cr@p customer service.  As in they don’t actually care about their impact on the customer.  I even forwarded a letter of complaint to the Red Tape Commissioner (recently set up by the state government), but no reply from their either.  Must take too much red tape to reply.

Whatever the reason, whatever the lame excuse, I’m back baby, and 3x faster than before. (Yes, I should have a lot more, but I have given up caring – comes down to the telcos providing a decent service.)

The regular show can now recommence, without trying to force it through the dog of a 3G or E service of a Telstra mobile!

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