Hard day at the office

Finally had a chance to do some damage in moving the shed(s) yesterday. With my folks, and Father-in-law, couple of trailers, we emptied and removed (relocated) the garden shed, and the smaller shed (3×3).

Amazing what you can pack into a small space- trip after trip was required, culminating in the relocation of air compressor, dust extractor, Jet lathe and Jet bandsaw (14″).

I came up with a way to power the trailer loading as discussed in the other post. Now mounted and tested in practice.


It has 680kg of pull (single line)

There’s a Jet in my rear view mirror!


Still all the big tools in the main shed to go. It is very disconcerting to have my tools in a shed I have to ask permission of the tenants to access. Moving sucks. And still no plan on the long term shed solution.

One company wanted payment before even quoting, and expected $5000 just for plans and permits. Seriously, a shed shouldn’t be this hard.

But there again, one of the big reasons I have been quite quiet recently is I am still having to write this on a mobile phone, and one that is struggling to see 3G in suburban Melbourne.

Moving shed is not a pleasant experience. Like “Your life on the lawn” (Reality TV show), but I’m not looking for everyone’s opinions of what I have.

2 Responses

  1. Perhaps you should have a shed-raising after the style of an American barn-raising. If I lived close enough I would be happy to be a part of it and it would also make a great subject to report about on your site

    • A shed-raising (aka barn raising of the Amish) is always an awesome idea. We should do it for other things as well – a “barn-raising” for designing and installing a whole-workshop dust extraction solution, or tool storage solution etc.

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