A Plateau

As you’d appreciate, it sure has been a busy time, but we seem to have found a narrow plateau on this upward climb on which to take a short breather.

Been frequenting the local hardware stores, and I say stores as neither Masters or Bunnings seem to be able to address every hardware need.

Masters have the staff levels, and the call buttons which although annoying when they bellow across the store “Assistance requested in hardware” or some such every few seconds, at least it gets the store staff moving quickly! Bunnings (when I was in there tonight) had staff, but they were hard to find, and busy when you did (serving customers). Name of the game.

The house is looking in a pretty good state, considering how recently we moved, the garage a lot less so. Sure plenty of the boxes are tools, but I need to do a bit of a sort. Need to make some room too, as the majority of the shed (and none of the large machines) have been moved as yet, and they don’t have anywhere to move to.

As much as I had great plans to be organised, and move the shed in one swift hit, time, preparation, storage space and budget have all detrimentally impacted those plans, so now I am looking at a much more piecemeal move, tool here, box there.

To that end, I have a couple of ramps that I purchased for moving items out of the old house and down some steps (which are primarily intended for trailers), and an electric winch designed for 4x4s. I’ll mount that on the towbar end of trailer, and use it to pull each machine on board. It can pull around 700kg.

Quite curious to see how well it will work.

Had a builder out today to look at the shed situation – not sure just what direction to take to resolve that issue- sounds long and drawn out, and expensive. Having an easement running right through where I wanted to build is not helping.

So that is where things are at – a bit in limbo (or is it purgatory?)

One Response

  1. My shed also sits on an easement, so I built a wooden floor – used 100 x 35 treated pine. Used my late dad’s radial arm saw to cut dado’s at each intersection to ensure my total raise was not too much and then fitted yellow-tongue floor sheets. The shed frame is bolted to the wooden frame. I have some pic’s somewhere if you are curious.

    As you are setting up a workshop (not a tiny 12m square tool-home ) and that needs council approval – all I can say is Good luck with that!

    Dawid Verwey 0466 824 263 Sent from my iPhone

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