Hand Tool Event

With an email newsletter from HNT Gordon, we now have details of the hand tool event.

Stealing some of Terry’s email:

“For woodworkers around Melbourne, the Melbourne Guild of Fine Woodworking is having a Hand Tool Event as part of a Visit by Christopher Schwarz. It will be on 23 -24 March at their school 79b
Lexton Road Box Hill North. Opening times 10 to 4 pm Saturday and Sunday. Colen Clenton, Micheal Connor and HNT Gordon will be their with there current range of tools. Some new products will be on display for the first time in Melbourne. Micheal will have his new rosette cutter there which makes short work of this usually difficult task for luthiers. Hope to see you there.”

Love to go, but that is the weekend I am moving the shed. If things go impressively, I might be able to make it on the Sunday but it is not promising.

The rosette cutter sounds interesting. I’ve only seen the ones that mount in the drill press, so interested to,see what alternatives are out there.

If you go, pass on my regards (and regrets).

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