Shed Move Part A

I’m still in denial about the whole shed move.  It is bigger than Ben Hur.  Not only the dismantling and packing (that is relatively straightforward), but the two issues I really see are the moving of the large machines (simply getting them from the shed to the front of the house is a mission), and what happens at the other end (Part B!)

The rest of the shed pack is a matter of keeping things organised.  Dismantling the dust extraction system etc is all easy enough (go the power screwdrivers/ Festool CXS!), but even books do not pack neatly into a few boxes, so I can’t begin to imagine how many boxes the shed will take (and just how much out there won’t fit a standard box!).

I also have the plan (desire) to keep the shed functional until the last minute – something about keeping a certain website running 🙂

Anyone been through a significant shed move before?  How did you manage the process, or was it a matter of chaos in, chaos out?

As someone recently suggested, I am expecting to discover some tools that I have forgotten I had, timbers I have lost track of, items I have been needing and not been able to find, and all the other mysteries of shed life, and those shed gremlins and their hiding spots.  No doubt the shed gremlins will also be hard at work during the establishment of the new shed, and some things will struggle to make a reappearance at the other end.

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  1. My wife and I moved house over xmas/new years 2011/2012. My shed move was a right PITA and I have no where near the setup you have! The machinery was the biggest issue, size and weight dictated pretty much a special trip just for them. I got one of the carbatec mobile bases for the table saw, that made getting it from the shed to the from yard somewhat easier.

    The biggest thing to look out for is to make sure the removalist you are using has a truck with a hydraulic tailgate, walking 200kg tools up a steep ramp isn’t fun! I was lucky enough to borrow a truck from a mate with a tailgate for the shed move. Then all manner of other thing come into play, like the drill press being so top heavy that we managed to drop it off the tailgate on the way up and completely munted the pulled shroud!

    Another issue that you will face is that when you get to the new place, you will need to re-callibrate everything! Table saw table, fence and blade alignment was all stuffed after being jilted around in a truck! I can only imagine if one has a buzzer or similar tools requiring precision alignment, they would need some tlc too.

    I had aspirations of keeping everything running to the 11th hour as well. Unfortunately about 2 weeks before the move I knew that was going to be a wife angering move so I bit the bullet and started to pack it all in. I found the easiest way was to put all like things in boxes, and them only. Even if that means using some extra boxes and only half filling them. For example, I had boxes dedicated to my routers, and their associated bits and tools. Boxes for my drills and bits. Boxes for hand tools, etc etc. This made setup at the other end easier and quicker as I knew exactly what was in each box and approximately what cupboard/shelf it would all go in.

    I knew my dust extraction system would be completely differently setup in the new shed, so I just dismantled everything and threw all the bits in a giant box and went through it at the other end as required.

    The biggest issue I had was the my old shed was an ex cabinet shop (house we were renting was an old cabinet makers private business), and it was about 130sqm, with built in cupboards everywhere! Where we are now is a modest 6x6m colourbond shed in the back yard, that was an empty shell. Nearly 13 months later, I still have a handful of boxes that I haven’t even unpacked yet as I don’t have anywhere to put their contents 😦

    The move is doable, but it is a huge job. I found a couple of mates that know how to handle tools, enticed by a few steaks and a slab will help expedite the process.

    • Good ideas, and paralleling what I am thinking as well. The sooner I can begin packing up the non-essentials the better. Until I start out there, the whole move is a bit too surreal.

  2. if i was doing a move i would make a list of tools i think i will need straight away (table saw,chopsaw, festool tools ,walko,etc). leave them one side as a core shop that will get set uop first.
    then put everything else into tool specific boxs . (like lathe tools,routers,sanders,hand tools etc) .
    clearly label every thing .
    when you get to the new shop set up the core set of tools. and leave all the accesory boxs in the corner,or somewhere else if posable.
    then as you set up a tool you get the box for that tool and set that up.

    i would do this to try and avoid having every box open and tools everywhere. you are unlikely to need your lathe tools,sharpening tools etc straight away so why have to move them every few minutes .

    your first months in there will be mostly basic tool set up ,layout, electrical(im years in my shop and still adding sockets), dustcolection etc. and most important building cabinets to store all those tools and accesories sitting in those boxs

    good look stu
    cant wait to see the new shop evolve

    • It is going to be a very interesting evolution to be sure!

  3. When I moved, I had a vast array of tools. only some of which were associated with woodwork. Like the suggestions above, I used small sturdy cardboard boxes for like tools, and clearly labelled each box. The boxes were ex-fruit cartons, a good supply of which I got from the Victoria Market. I had to move them over 100ks from Melbourne to the new location in Ocean Grove, and did so in multiple trips using a 7′ x4′ trailer. I unpacked them as needed. I did however build the new shed before I moved so I had plenty of storage space! I went from a big shed to a very big shed! Well, it’s very big for a ‘normal’ block, being 50′ x 25′.

    • Now that is a shed size I could live with! Just not on the current block 😦

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