Scenes from Ballarat Wood Show

A familiar banner…..


Demonstrating the Festool Surfix finishing system (from Ideal Tools)


Another very familiar demo tool!

Beall Pen Wizard demo


Making a tool box with Dad.

As a long term reader pointed out, very poor practice using food containers for glue however.


Consultation & discussion

Busy day. Lots to see. Price negligible for entry, so no excuse not to come up for a day!

There’s a Torque here on special (2m, brand new except for the use I have given it over the weekend).

Lots of supplies (Carroll’s Woodcraft, and Professional Woodworkers Supplies), lots of demos, lots of crafts and what the region’s woodworkers have made.

See you tomorrow!

4 Responses

  1. Stu,

    Never before have I seen a woodshow remotely close to being as colourful!

    • It doesn’t have a focus on sales, on pushing products and part of that is the cost for a commercial stand is $75.

      Compared to a big show, where the retailers are looking for $$5k-$20k just to break even, it means everything is more relaxed.

      You still want retailers there without question: you go to a show to see and buy, but balance that with opportunities to learn, socialise, participate and relax with others of a similar passion, and a similar outlook on life.

      It must be a very active, very passionate club in Ballarat to organise such a show.

      I’ve already been booked in for next year, so will be looking towards that, and making the stand even better, more organised, with more give aways.

      Took 1 1/2 boxes of ManSpace mag this time, and easily gave away the lot. For future shows,I’ll be looking for other retailers to participate and put together a Stu’s Shed showbag, of some description. Not sure if it’d be cheap or free, but good value in either case (perhaps free bags for many, and good value bags for those interested in the extra products… for thought).

      So well done to the Ballarat Woodworkers – see you next year!

      • Stu,

        That sounds like a great show. While it’s nice to have an opportunity to score a deal on a tool, it’s very refreshing to be in an environment where the main goal is to learn and have fun.


  2. I think a lot of the qdos goes to Brian Rickard,

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