A virtual tidy

I’ve been having a bit of a poke around the ol’ site: a bit of a tidy here, an update there.  Something I’ve been neglecting for a while it seems!

Found the Stu’s Shed.TV page was around 12 months out of date!  Around 15 videos (in the various sections) had not been listed at all. (Oops).

When I uploaded the latest example, I found there had been a lot of changes in the meantime to the site I use to support the video aspects of Stu’s Shed, which is a bit sad, and moreso, iTunes seems to have changed how they work as well, so only about 13 of my 130+ episodes appear.

So more work to do, and I may have to move away from my traditional video storage, and see if using WordPress video hosting will work better (although at a price – $350/year, in addition to what I already pay to run the site as it does (such as being ad-free))

Something for me to think about.  If I had a commercial internet connection, I’d consider restarting the web server I created for home when I first tested the whole podcasting concept. I’d need a LOT more bandwidth than is currently provided for residential connections.  I imagine there are plenty of other changes that have occurred in the podcasting world since I started!

Perhaps it is simply time for me to look at producing some DVD compilations of my existing videos!

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