Zurich is calling – an unbelievable tool auction

Werkzeuge und Meisterstücke der Handwerkskunst

Auktion: Montag, 2. April 2012 Vorbesichtigung: Samstag 17. – Sonntag 25. März 2012

I may be naive and this sort of thing happens all the time, but I think instead you will be as amazed as I am about his auction of fine hand tools from the 17th through to the 19th century.  Around $1,500,000 worth!  And these tools will blow your mind – they are stunning, intricate and ornate, a steam-punker’s dream (or any current fine toolmaker looking for ideas).  They are, well, how many adjectives can I use.  Have a look at the collection and decide for yourself.  Around 500 lots, in a 200+ page catalogue.

A multitool from 1580 worth around $10000

Early 19C fretsaw. Worth est $1500

Wrought Iron and Brass Calipers $2000

Imagine getting to work with these when turning, rather than $3 Chinese crap?

Planes – between $1500 and $2000 each

Caving tools $700

Lathe, with tools $10000

I can’t really do the auction justice – there are tools for woodworking, tools for surgery, tools for baking even.  But the majority are of ones that would be of interest to shed dwellers, especially woodworkers.

You can see the auction list online (although I’ve had a few issues with the online version), but if you can tolerate the 9MB download, the PDF is a more indepth read (especially if you understand German, but there is enough info in English as well.

As much as I’ve picked out some stunning items (with price tags to match), there are also some that still look incredible that have $100 ish price tags as well.

So who has booked their flight already?

Thanks to Jean-Claude for bringing this auction to my attention!

Dust etc etc and Dovetails, part B

Once the dust system was all connected up and functional, there really wasn’t enough time left to do a whole recording on machine cut dovetail so that will have to wait until another day (still one that is soon, given I am all set up).

In the meantime, I wanted to test it out- make sure I, and my dovetail jig were up to the task. After all it has been a fair while since I last did one.

And this is where the beauty of the Gifkins jig comes into its own. I still, without a shadow of resistance, am very prepared to say that the Gifkins is the easiest dovetail jig in the world. It may not be the most flexible system, but for a stock standard dovetail I get this jig out and nail perfect results every single time, and each time without having to go back and consult the instruction manual, reread up on how to do it.

And this is the result of just a few minutes work: tight, clean dovetails. What more could I ask?


I’ve only done a single joint, where normally you’d do the lot at the same time, but am saving the rest for the video.

The easiest jig, and some quality, consistent results. Happy camper.

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