Midlife Crisis

Was thinking this morning, (while contemplating my overly clean shed) just what men (primarily) do that so commonly gets dubbed a midlife crisis.

Perhaps it is taking up diving (sky or deep)
Motorcycling (fast rather than tourer)
Fast cars
Or whatever

And it gets categorised a midlife crisis. But perhaps it isn’t a crisis so much as opportunity.

When we’re younger, with some cash in the pocket (or a bare minimum, but just enough) we take up some pursuit or other. We often can’t afford to do it properly, so scrape by with what we can get (such as a cheaper, older, underpowered motorcycle) when we really would have loved something big, fast and new.

As midlife creeps around, it is not a crisis that results in a new acquisition, but opportunity. Otherwise known as disposable income.

The early 40’s doesn’t feel old when you get there, so perhaps ‘midlife’ is even later. It certainly isn’t a matter of trying to recapture youth, but finally being able to afford it!

Some things fail the practicality test (sure’d love a new bike – I was riding for 10 years before getting my first car, and a big bike would be awesome, so long as Melbourne drivers had become a bit less aggressive than when I last rode here 12 years ago), others we are not up to (my current fitness level would make the 40-45m deep-dives I was doing in ’95-’98 chasing shipwrecks rather risky) but a shed – yeah, that’s where we get to enjoy our mid lives (or earlier, or later). It’s our space. We can have our big machines, or expensive extravagant hand planes, a sport-blaring radio, home brew or whatever takes our fancy (within budget and/or reason!) and not have it stigmatised with the ‘it’s his midlife crisis “insert item of choice”‘

One Response

  1. Is that what it is,
    and I thought woodturning was just a slippery slope

    Off to BNE seeya Tues.

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