Making Introductions : a dating service (for tools)

Wixey, meet Torque. Torque, this is the young, accurate Wixey I was telling you about!

Been meaning to do it for ages, never looked closely enough to work out precisely how I’d do it but after the second course at Berwick, I was inspired again to see what I could make of my o riginal concept.

After 5 minutes I had a plan, and even better, in 5 minutes more the task was complete!

I have fitted a Wixey planer height gauge to the plunge mechanism of the Torque, and now I can set the plunge height accurately, to within 0.1mm


So easy, and it doesn’t interfere with the operation of the Torque plunge mechanism at all.

You can zero the gauge by bringing the tool in contact with the work and pushing a button. Then to change depth (such as for a trench), move the tool off the workpiece, plunge to the depth you want to achieve, then set the plunge stop at this point.


It isn’t just for precision work either. Means even for more normal operations I can be sure I have moved the plunge mechanism by 1mm (or 2) without guessing. Cool!


Wixey tools are available for Professional Woodworkers Supplies

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