Déjà vu : Take Two

I was back at Berwick Woodworkers today – seems they didn’t get enough the first time around! Actually, they were keeping the number of participants on the Torque course I was running for them down, so everyone got a good amount of participation, and not have it just being a show’n’tell.

Here I’d just finished showing how, using Walko clamps and a matrix of round dog holes, even the most unusual shaped pieces can be secured to the workbench for surfacing.

This is one of the pieces of Huon pine that my folks had found and sent me from a recent trip to Tassie.

I was also showing how smooth a finish is possible, simply by adjusting the tool so each angle is less than 0.05 of a degree out. Using a digital angle gauge, such as the Wixey from Professonal Woodworkers Supplies.


More dog holes required, so here we have the drill attachment fixed, and are drilling away merrily.


Back to surfacing, this time a much larger slab with peaks and troughts about 5-10 mm deep.

We spoke about the degrees of freedom, safety, and calibration. Next we got into surfacing, drilling and ripping /cross cutting.

Next, we covered circe cutting, pin routing and finally pattern copying. Instead of letters, this time we had a few MDF toy animals to copy.


So again, good day

2 Responses

  1. Was all ppe removed for photograhic purposes?

    • There doesn’t seem to be a policy about it.

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