Your mileage may vary

But I’m back, baby! (Sorta)  As the DNS servers around the world pick up on the change to the website’s name, more and more will be once again able to hit the website.

My iPhone found it a couple of hours ago on 3G, but it has only been in the last couple of minutes that I’ve been able to get it intermittently on my laptop (and my iPad still can’t see it, and the laptop seems to have lost it again. I DO NOT understand the web!)

So what has changed?  Not a great deal really – it was a step to tidy up the website’s name, particularly in Google.  In the past, although the site had a address, in the background it retained the original address

Well now it doesn’t – it is topic of the day.  There are still a lot of people out there getting to the site using the original address, and they will still find their way here through URL forwarding, but this means that if I ever decide to move Stu’s Shed it can happen easily without loosing everyone, and breaking all the Google links to the site to boot. (Google will begin to pick up the new addresses as it continues to scan the site).

I have lots of work to do in the background, and the move from to (going from a hosted solution to one that is self-hosted) is something I will work on slowly.  The site update I have done today will make that so much more of a seamless transition for you, my Constant Reader, if I ever decide to do so.

It will be interesting to see just how much this current change affects traffic here – the site has been receiving a regular dose of about 1000/day, and this could either deal it a bit of a temporary bodyblow (probably not too drastic), have no real influence (the most likely), or actually begin pushing traffic up. Time will tell.


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