New Festool Products 2011

Once again, Festool are bringing out new products (thanks for the heads-up Steve!)  Sign of a healthy company, given that the first thing to typically go when things are stagnating (or worse) is the end of R&D.

Not everything has caught my eye, but there are some very interesting items in there never-the-less.

First is the introduction to the Cleantex range of an auto-cleaning vac.  Unfortunately not backwards compatible!

This introduces an automatic filter cleaning system for keeping the filter clean and maintaining a constant suction power. One-touch cleaning can be initiated at any time and like the basic CLEANTEX CT26/36 models, the CLEANTEX AC is equipped with a flat filter and high-performance turbine.

Next is another item designed to fit with the Cleantex range – a storage module compatible with all (but the CT mini / midi)

WCR 1000

Looks an interesting solution, especially for space-challenged workshops.  Wonder if it interferes with the boom arm?  I’d expect Festool have considered that!

For the Systainer crowd, there is a new CENTROTEC assembly package in a Systainer

CENTROTEC assembly package Systainer

And for the observant, yes, there is a new coupling mechanism between Systainers, and this one is compatible with the older Systainers as well.

Systainer T-Loc

The T-Loc allows one point to couple and uncouple Systainers. Engage in position, turn forwards and you’re done. The T-LOC SYSTAINERS were designed to fit on CT mobile dust extractors with SYS-Dock as well as all previous models of Festool SYSTAINER and are opened and connected with one another with a single turn.

And strangely in an original Systainer, is the Festool Rachet Set

Ratchet Set

I have a vision – a vision of a shed wall covered with Systainers!

There are other new products as well (including some from the previous product launch), but these particularly caught my eye.

One Response

  1. Wow! Thanks for the links, Stu.

    For me, the new Base Frame for the Kapex mitre saws is the stand out product. I’ve never seen anything as convenient as that for a mitre saw.

    I only wonder whether it will cost more or less than the actual saws, though… 😛 And also, whether this would be compatible with other models (Makita, DeWalt, Metabo, etc..).


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