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For a while now I’ve had a tool flying so far under the radar that I basically forgot to mention it at all.  Flying under the radar, but getting pretty much daily use.

It’s a tape measure, but one without any moving parts, so nothing to go wrong over time (other than the rare o-ring replacement).  In use a quick flick with a finger and it is ready to extend (rather than retract) up to its 2m length.  It is so quick and easy, you could almost call it a quicky.  Oh wait.  They did 🙂

BMI Quicky from Promac

The tape is specially treated steel with an enamel coating and has the readings printed on the convex side rather than the concave, so the readings are close to the work, minimising parallax error.

No moving parts means it is about as light as it gets, so is easy to carry in a pocket (hopefully it doesn’t suffer from fatigue because I keep clicking it open and close – think mine has already had a year’s equivalent use after one a few short months!)  It is also completely waterproof – again, there are no moving parts that water can get into causing corrosion, and it can be dried completely, easily.

I find it is very convenient that it extends automatically, rather than retracting – very useful getting the tape into where you need it, and yet packing it up is hardly a chore.

I’ve noticed that some have a rivet stopping the tape coming completely out of the plastic holder which I think is a pity – I prefer the non-riveted version so when you want it, you have a long, straight 2 meter tape that sits flat on the work.  However I guess that isn’t everyone’s preference and thus the rivet.  (If the rivet version is now the only version available, it could very easily be removed 😉 )

The Germans showing that good engineering & design is still in their blood!

Available from stockists of tools by Promac (Tormek, BMI, Flai etc)

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