Wish I was better at Tetris

Another shed cleanup – there have been a fair few weeks of manual writings, wood shows, store demos etc that have resulted in a quick amassing of shed chaos.  So a fair chunk of the afternoon was trying to put everything back in its rightful place, or finding one as the case may be.

Along with some other new products, I also put together a Router Master – going to have a bit of a play with its capabilities, and write some manuals.

Torque Router Master

The top part of the Router Master is identical with other Torque Workcentres, the base in this case bolts directly on, rather than involving a tool carriage.  This significantly cuts down on the cost of the unit, and its weight which makes it particularly portable.  Which is why I’ve been referring to it as a Contractor’s Base.  All it needs is some rubber feet, and a couple of wheels on the rear legs that contact the ground when you lift the front edge and it’d be pretty much spot on.

For those who have one of these units, or a previous Router Master, it can be upgraded to a full Torque Workcentre with the addition of the Workcentre base, of whatever size that suits.



One Response

  1. Hi Stu, much neater unit than the original, I bet it is much more portable with the torque work centre.
    Top site and thanks for the info,keep up the good work!

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