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  1. Nice one Stu. I think I want one too. No go though as my garage doubles as a workshop and fully equipped gym and I am sure if I added the workcentre it would burst at the seams!!

    • I mentioned this in reply to another comment, equally relevant here – sorry about the duplication! There are other options – such as the 1.5m table, or even the Router Master, which can be upgraded to a Torque Workcentre at a later date (as many current owners of Router Masters are now doing). You loose the X Axis motion, but everything else is common to both machines.

  2. That was the fastest I have ever seen a machine assembled … and without any instructions… very cool…

  3. If only all assembly could be that quick………dream!!!

  4. what, no rapid disappearance of a couple beers at the end? 😀

    • There certainly was, but I was too focused on the beer to notice the camera had run out of tape!

  5. Great video Stu. You better be careful putting this beast on your site too often cos I’ll be coming around with a heap of slabs to flatten soon enough! 😉

    • If you happened to leave a slab every now and again, I doubt he’d mind!

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