The Tattooed Woodworker

One of our fellow woodworking bloggers in the USA has been receiving an absolute wave of hatemail comments recently, to the extent that he shut down his blog (and was considering walking away from woodworking altogether).

Through a combined effort of the woodworking community, he has been convinced to not give it all away, and to keep his blog going (hopefully he will repost his earlier content at some stage)


Some of the comments he was getting were quite amazing – have no doubt that if I had been on the receiving end of the stuff being chucked his way, I would have shut this site down and walked away too.

Anyway, this is just to bring his site to your attention, and is my way of showing that there are significantly more appreciative people out there than the few wankers who were happy to tear him down.

I have received very little negative criticism here, and only a little constructive criticism which hopefully I have assimilated to improve this site for you, so I have been very fortunate. Perhaps as I was starting, most of my visitors were Australian, and who knows, perhaps there is a cultural difference I am not aware of.  Visitors now are 40% Australian, 40% from the USA, and the other 20% is across the world.  All I can say is I do appreciate you all – and when you have taken the time to comment/email etc that has and is always welcome.

Comments are great – it is through these as much as anything that the direction of this site is slowly tailored to best suit what you, my gentle readers (to quote Stephen King again) want from me.

One Response

  1. I have read that blog and had seen many of the comments. People may not agree with what is writen in a blog or on the web; well, then don’t read it. There is no place for the language and the nasty comments directed against the tatooed woodworker or any one else that runs a blog. I am glad that you have not been subject to such abuse, but as stated in the tw blog, it is only a minority.
    Keep up the good work

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