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There is something new available for those who make comments on this blog, or if you’ve considered it but wondered about getting an answer.

When you post a comment, there is now a checkbox near the submit button that if you choose to check it, means you will be notified by email if anyone else posts a reply (such as me answering one of your questions!) to that comment.  It doesn’t mean you will suddenly be emailed every time there is a comment anywhere on this site, only for the specific post you’ve commented on. (Given the average post has at most 2-3 replies, this doesn’t mean your inbox will suddenly get inundated!

You don’t have to use it, but it is a tool that is available to you if desired.

2 Responses

  1. Hi great site all be it upside down to me being from the old country!

    looking for method of consistently cutting of small radii on ends of timber – Finishing 2 by 1’s etc – using hand tools and pillar drill – its about the only thing your haven’t covered on your site!

    using chuck in pillar drill the morse taper chuck keeps falling out!

  2. I’ve made an actual post about the morse taper issue – hopefully one of the options will result in a solution.

    As to the small radii, I use the router table with a 90 degree sled, and a small diameter router bit when I want to break the edges on this sort of stock.

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