Brief update

Just got back in from a bit of a tinker outside – managed to get motivated to do more than potter around and tried hanging a light. By the time I was finished, all 10 were hung, and a quick test & try and the 4 fittings I lit up (all at one end) gave the shed an awesome quality – plenty of quality feeling light (not sure how you describe it), shadowless, and lots of it without being unnaturally bright.

I haven’t checked the tubes rating (possibly 25W?) but that was 8 tubes illuminating 2/5ths of the shed – me happy 🙂

I’ll post a pic tomorrow – too tired now to go through the whole rigmarole of loading the image, cleaning it up, and uploading it tonight (it is 1:45am!)

Progress is always a rewarding feeling.

Also was having a bit more of a play setting up the Incra Miter Express, and found that you really needed ongoing access to a couple of Allen keys (hex keys).

So I stuck a MagSquare under the rail, and it became a very useful storage. Added benefit of being somewhere to store the arbor nut spanner.

Here’s an enlargement for clarification. The bottom of the MagSquare has a semicircular cavity which is perfect for storing the hex keys. The whole concept is no big deal, but what the hey.

4 Responses

  1. Looking very good Stu – being able to see is a great feeling, isn’t it!

    Just one thought. What happens when you want to use the Magswitch jigs? Do the Allen keys fall with an irritating tinkle to the floor or does the cabinet now carry enough magnetic charge to hold them? Have you tried to seee if it still works with the motor turned on?

  2. There’s the two MagSwitch Featherboards, but if you look closely at the rail itself, you’ll see a MagSquare there are well, with the spanner (black) hanging off it.

    I’ll post another photo

  3. Ah!! I see.

  4. Stu…

    Keep them coming. In the process of planning and setting up my shop too. My son and I enjoy watching your podcast and you give us some good ideas.


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