Christmas in April

So here are the first views of the new saw, the unwrapping (and move). Thanks to a couple of mates who came around to lend a hand – she’s a heavy beastie!

Sitting on the trailer – pity I don’t own a forklift – it would be a little easier!. The poor car suffered a bit – it is always good to have one which is a bit of a workhorse, and even with this (and 250kg of steel in the back), it didn’t miss a beat.

Removed the top off the box, leaving the machine secured to the pallet. My first actual view of one of these things in the flesh. Sure it will look bigger with the wings attached.

To decrease the weight, the top was removed, which gives us a quick look at the (rather substantial) internals.

With some struggle, (not too bad with 3 people), the saw is finally within the walls of the shed. I’ve taken the wheeled stand off the router table, because there would be no way of lifting it in at a later date – way way too heavy. I would have bought one today, but Carbatec was all out of stock. Didn’t get around to getting one of their blades either – perhaps another time.

The motor shouldn’t be visible, but the cover is strangely missing – guess I’ll have to have a chat to the supplier😦

I may not have been able to turn it on (things are not fixed down), I was still able to mount a blade (I had some in preparation), and FINALLY had something that the Incra Mitre Gauge 1000SE could ride in.

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