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  1. Brilliant idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    very helpfull, I hope there are other plans added as they become available as being a retiree (on a lousy pension !! ) and a born again cancer sufferer, (after being told I had 3 monthe to live, 11 YEARS AGO ! ) MONEY TO BUY PLANS JUST DOESN’T EXIST.
    Any money I get goes into maintaining my collection of aging Triton tools.


  2. [...] Plans [...]

  3. Cant view any of the plans is there a problem or am I doing something wrong?

    • Just tried them – they are all working fine. They are PDFs, so you do need some form of PDF reader to view them. (Such as Adobe Reader)

  4. Hello, Thanks for making the plans available. Are you able to help us out with the plans for the jig’s too?

    Thanks again

  5. thanks mate, much appreciated. just purchased a triton workcentre with the height adjuster.. seriously considering router table and triton router as well :)

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