ManSpace Finale

I am here at the filming of the final episode of Season 1 of ManSpace TV.

Rent-a-crowd is present (and growing), the new space is all set up with the various trinkets the lucky bugger will win.

Thought the address was familiar- a (literal) stone’s throw to Carbitool.

A good looking room- just needs tools, timber and sawdust! (Does come with a large complement of Kincrome, a Polaris, Summit vehicle hoist etc etc.


More to come…….

Hard day on the job

Some days, the shed is a rough place to be. Today was one of those days. Had a rather straight-forward job to do- make a nice pen & pencil set for a close family friend’s birthday.

What a mission- the sort of day you’d put down the chisels and find something else to do, except I really wanted to get a good outcome, so it took a lot of perseverance.

Drill bits cutting oversized holes, blanks blowing out, glue joints failing. Think I had the works happen today.

But after pushing through all the resistances the shed was able to throw up, we had a result.



hi, dear,

how are you ?

This is Isobel from Ningbo Snowaves in China, i got your email address from the Internet.

I am writing to know if i have the chance to cooperate with you .

we are a professional company specilized in hand winch manufacturing. and we have been in this field for many years , we also have got patent.
for hand winch ,we have 700lbs to 4500lbs with webbing or cable available.

Any interest ? feel free to ask details about hand winch, including our wholesale and retail price.

Looking forward to your early reply !

Really? Really??

Seriously, if you are going to send spam, could you at least TRY to appear legitimate.  Or perhaps not, it is funnier this way.


Isobel.  Such a common Chinese name.

GoPro Hero 100

One of the big reasons I got the GoPro, was for high speed photography, as it can give 240FPS (which I utilised on the recent SawStop video).

This camera can shoot a little over 25000FPS (with an expected price to match unfortunately)- the Phantom V2511 (Even as high as 150000FPS in smaller resolutions)


Still, it would make for some pretty cool shots

Infinity is here again

According to Nova Woodworking (US), the Infinity system is available once again.

So good news, although I haven’t been able to determine just when it will be down under. It is a great system, and worth the wait, just so long as we know how long that wait is.

As soon as I can get an answer on that, I will let you know

Arbortech TURBO plane making a free-form breadbasket

Woodworking- you are only limited by imagination.

Bowled Over

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Routing a bowl, using the Amana Tool bowl bits from

Including rounding over the edge with about the smallest 1/4″ roundover bit there is (and the smallest bearing I think I’ve ever seen too!)

Check out the next edition of The Shed magazine for a full description and step by step for making this project.


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