Raising some revenue

I’ve had the tool section running for a little while now, and it has been good to (slowly) move on some items.  I’m going to keep the section running, as there are always a few odds and ends (spare components primarily) that can find another home.

I am looking to really ramp up the production quality of the videos again, and have new lights, new mics, and am now working on adding an extra camera as well. So I’ve turned (once again) to eBay to move a couple of things to assist.

One is the radial arm saw.  It may go for less than it was offered on here, maybe more (although I’d be surprised).  It is currently at $8, with 5 days to run, so is quite the bargain (if you want a radial arm saw that is!)

FirefoxScreenSnapz006Radial Arm Saw on eBay

The other item currently listed (which has nothing to do with woodworking, but at least the revenue raised will!), is the last of my dive gear, which I used to do a lot of deep diving with.  Currently at $270, with 2 days to run.

FirefoxScreenSnapz007Dive Gear on eBay

Sad to see it go, but I’m not using it, and one past hobby can help fund a current one.

The Shed Mag

Next edition of The Shed magazine is now out in NZ, and will be on Oz shelves on the 14th August.


Has my article in it on the router bowl :)

Bolt Types

First came across these in the Navy. Needed almost every one of them at one stage or another!



The world lost something as these machines were replaced by electrics. Once, engineers would seem to say “that’s impossible, at least with current technology, but we’ll do it anyway”

Love these old steam powered systems.

Thomas Chippendale

The second series is on Thomas Chippendale, and the furniture he produced.

Grinling Gibbons

From a link provided by Australian Wood Review, I have been watching a couple of video series on historic wood carvers.  The work is unbelievable.  The first, here, is on Grinling Gibbons, who came to London following the Great Fire as a wood carver.  The body of works he produced is astounding, and well worth watching.

Episode 106 SawStop Guard


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