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Stu’s Shed is officially 7 years old!

Tool Sale Tab is now open

Hopefully some bargains in there that are tempting!  See top right of the website if looking for the tab.

I’ve only put up a few items so far.  Plenty more (mostly smaller, some larger) items to be added as soon as I can get to them.


Remove Before Flight

This is what a $1/4 million dollar, jet-engine powered motorcycle capable of doing in excess of 400km/hr (guaranteed at time of purchase) looks like.

One of only about 20 in the world, and the only one in Australia afaik.

ManSpace comes to the Idiot Box!

It seems like a very long time ago, but I can finally let you know a secret.

ManSpace Magazine is going to launch itself onto your TV set on May 12! I was at the filming of the first episode late last year, and it looks like it will be a pretty cool show, an extension of the magazine, and vice versa.

It will be a 10 episode first series, I think each episode is to be 30 minutes long, and will air on GO! (Channel 9’s extra digital channel).


Given Stu’s Shed’s connection to the magazine (I’ve been writing about tools and woodworking for them since the very first edition), I wonder if ‘The Shed’ will ever get to make an appearance?

All in all, a pretty awesome development for ManSpace Magazine! Very exciting :) Oh, and it will be good to see some shed-related content on the box again, and not just some reality show or other.

31 Jan

FWIW, Jan 2014 was the most popular month on Stu’s Shed of all time (which means “for the past 6 1/2 years”)

In addition to the 1800 direct subscribers (who received each of the daily posts directly to their inbox, RSS reader, Facebook etc), the site received a record 46884 visits – an average of 1512 a day.  Friday Jan 3 received 3553 visits alone!

Pretty cool!

Ending the year

Been having a look at the stats for the end of year – not too shabby.

This December has been the highest rated month since the blog began, with over 38000 hits (directly, not counting social media/email adding another 20000 (min)).  That also makes it the month with the highest average number of hits per day (1235).

2013 happens to also have the highest daily average over the entire year (1002), and therefore the highest total number of hits: 366027 (plus social media).

Glad everyone is enjoying the place!

Record Number of Visits!

StatsI did know people (other than me) were interested in the shed build, but I had no idea how that would reflect on site traffic.  About a month ago, the website set a new record of 2003 views at the time the slab was being poured (which was impressive seeing as the previous record day was set in 2009 and since then the rise and rise of social media meant more people were viewing the site through other means (Facebook, Twitter, direct email etc)).

As you can see from the stats page above, today we SMASHED that record, with a new one of 3721.  In a single day.  And even then, there are more visits than reflected here.

It dwarfs the previous record, almost doubling it!  The views in Australia alone smashed the previous (worldwide) record.

It is still a shame that we will loose a lot of this momentum with the shed build shutting down for 2 weeks for the Xmas break – I was really trying to get the build happening earlier.Them’s the breaks.

That will be a hard record to ever beat.  I am still stunned by these numbers. WOW!


The stats have become very skewed in the past few years due to the rise and rise of social media, and the many ways people now get access to the information provided on Stu’s Shed, so the actual exposure is at least 50% higher than the on-site stats suggest.

Even so, of those directly visiting Stu’s Shed, we have just passed the magic 2 million mark.

2 000 000!

That is pretty cool!

1000 a day directly (and another 1600 odd through various feeds – RSS, email, Facebook, Twitter)


(Yes, the best ever day, just a couple of weeks ago had over 2000 direct views, a new record for Stu’s Shed)

FirefoxScreenSnapz004Onward and upward!

Video Progress

If you have been wondering what I’ve been up to the last few days for the site, I have been working hard in the background getting the videos transferred to their new home.

Just did a quick count, and of the 161 or so videos to date, I am around the 1/2 way mark.  Thought I would have been closer to finishing than that – been at it for days!

All the videos are indexed off the one page currently, which despite the small image size, does make it a bit long to load.  I will be looking at how I’ll break it into sections, and/or divide it up into groups to make it more user-friendly.

Quite a library, which is going to expand quickly when the shed construction starts, and the SawStop is put through its paces to name a couple of projects!

Speaking of the shed, it is meant to be arriving tomorrow……..

Shed.TV cleanup

There may not have been too much activity appearing at the front end recently, but behind the scenes I have been working on a revamp of Shed.TV, given the change in hosting that is necessary, and the number of videos that have been missed from inclusion in the listings.

Last night I found over 20 videos that needed to be added, and that was just from the last 12 months! (sample screenshot below only!)

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 10.45.58 pm


It will take a bit of time, but the whole section will continue to get a make-over.


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