The Open Day

There is another tomorrow (Saturday), so if you missed out today and are in the area (city, state), then it isn’t too late!

There was certainly a good turnout of people, and the atmosphere was much more relaxed than any wood show.  Plenty of things to see, and be tempted by too.  I left with a couple of different pen mechanisms – try my hand at a wooden pen that isn’t a slimline!

Got to see the brand new Incra 1000HD Mitre Gauge for the first time, and a whole stack more besides.

Got to run into a number of readers of this blog too, so gidday to all those I met (and to any I missed!)

Finally got a sausage after all the other woodworkers kept scoffing them (and the great BBQ fire which resulted in fire extinguisher powder covering a good portion of the entrance, and the breaking out of the electric frypans for the remaining bangers!)

Tools, Tools and more Tools (and a few people!)

Tools, Tools and more Tools (and a few people!)

Turning Demonstration

Turning Demonstration

Picked up even more hints about turning, and part duplication. You can never see too many expert presentations.



Neil Ellis (in black) bestowing more great finishing wisdom.



Professional Woodworkers Supplies, with a large range of all things Incra, Woodpeckers, Wixey, and the rest.



A large range of products (with a significant emphasis on turning), bought along by Carroll’s Woodcraft Supplies



A rather shy Michelle from Woodworking Warehouse, and I didn’t get introduced to the bloke next to her!  Think he was demonstrating something there, which is a shame – always looking for stuff to show you on here :)

Tormek’s importers were there as well, sharpening away.

So all up a good day’s visit and worth a gander (and a shop) if you have half a mind to.

2 Responses

  1. Stu …. went along to the open day today and picked up a few odds and ends ….. I was hoping to star in an episode of Stu’s Shed On Location ….. but no luck :)

  2. I was at the show on Friday, and was impressed by the wide range of stuff on display, and being demonstrated, and by the great general ambience. When I was there, the crowd was quite large, and the folks manning the displays seemed a bit overwhelmed in terms of being able to provide service and advice, which leads to my suggestion of how the show could be ‘improved’….Less demand would have been put on the salepeople/demonstrators if the various items had had price tags on them. Most enquiries I listened to were regarding price, and those enquiries could have been short-circuited if individual items had been ticketed. I couldn’t be bothered waiting just to ask for a price check, so I just looked.

    Later, I drove the short distance to Carba-tec, where EVERYTHING was individually priced, and bought $300 worth of bits and pieces there!

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