TWWWS Panorama 2

TWWWS Panorama 1

Halloween Approaches


Melbourne Woodshow 2014, day 1

Well that day flew past! Hardly had time to see anything, let alone get any photos or anything.

I’m on the “I Wood Like” stand for Friday & Saturday, demonstrating the SawStop Professional tablesaw (and yes, some blade activations included). Also resawing using the MiniMax 500, ripping some incredibly thin veneers. It is a stunning bandsaw, with both a 500mm throat, and a 500mm depth of cut.

Generating a bit of a crowd!


Took one panorama- will try to get some more photos from the show tomorrow.


We’re off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of wood!

Yes, it is woodworking show season once again in Melbourne!  Can’t wait :)

Along with all the usual suspects, and the restocking that I find I do a lot at the shows, an interesting development from Carbatec:  the big catalogue is back! (Finally!!)

But it is bigger than ever – previous ‘full’ catalogues were around 150 pages.  The latest one is massive – 384 pages!  Of course, going that large does come at a price – literally.  A whopping $5.  Or free if you spend over $100.

Do hope the show has some new stuff to see – as much as I enjoy catching up with people, and restocking consumables, the show should be about new products, new techniques (and not just the same old).  As much as sales are needed to justify the huge expense of a stand, the show itself needs to encourage more than that.

Check out a Maker Faire, or the AWFS for how other shows do it.

3D printer in action

First quick video of the printer working.

Had a few teething problems, mainly around getting the print to adhere to the bed.

Removed the aluminium bed and replaced with glass. A quick wipe of the surface with a glue stick, and we were away laughing!

skull1Print completed


Ready for removal


Skull box completed, ready for a brain


Hooks to hold the lid closed.  The rear hanging point has since been removed (bandsawn and sanded).




Flip top lid!



Original files sourced from Thingiverse

Episode 109 AmanaTool Raised Panel

AGE Raised Panel Set from


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