Sorry things have been so quiet around here of late.

I’ve been off on an intensive management course, followed by a trip to the Central Coast, all of which have completely monopolised my time.

Everything else has had to take a backseat role, which notably has included the blog, much to my regret.

Sometimes trying to balance the demands of woodworking , and work, just doesn’t always, well, work.  I am working on it, as you wood expect.


This is not a drill


Woodworking Warehouse Revamp

Quite an impressive reno appears to have happened down at the Woodworking Warehouse.

I haven’t seen it in person (yet), but tempted to drop down and have a gander after seeing these photos on Facebook.



Timbecon has opened in Melbourne

Timbecon Website article.

A new store, in North Coburg apparently opened on Monday, and their first sale is this Saturday from 9-1 for everything instore (excluding some Triton, although I couldn’t find any on their website anyway).


Don’t know a great deal about Timbecon (them normally being in Western Australia) other than seeing them at the occasional wood store (and having a lot of rather bright orange machines)!

A China Woodworking Story that is Barely Believable… – John’s Blog

A China Woodworking Story that is Barely Believable… – John’s Blog.

An awesome little story from John (Bridge City Tool Works) about a recent trip to China, where he found himself teaching the Chinese how to make chopsticks.


Episode 115 – background

There’s been a huge amount of work producing the latest episode.

Multiple cameras (6!!), mics, lights, and a huge number of edits to produce the final show.  A couple of weeks of shooting and editing, rather than my normal “shoot one day, edit the next”

While it is not perfect (at least I can see all the faults, like anyone can with their own project, be that a video, or something they’ve made in the shed), hope you like it!

Been a big reason for the lack of posts in the last couple of weeks.  Glad it is finished!!

Episode 115 Here be Dragons CNC


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